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本日(5月17日土曜日)放送のAny Questions?は40人以上の方に聞いていただけました。ありがとうございました。聞き逃した方のために再放送用音声ファイルをアップします。

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Any Questions? Saturday 17th May 2008というタイトルのスレッドを見ながら聞いていただくと話の内容を追いやすいです。


>>4 & >>7

… remain the property of their ------- authors について
Googleで “the property of their * authors” を検索(Quotation mark “ ”と asterisk * を付けて検索する)
the property of their respective authors が決まった組み合わせ(これがコロケーション)。



English Grammar in Use

Oxford Student's Dictionary (初心者用)

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (上級者用)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

to remember a particular fact, event, or situation from the past
You don't happen to recall his name, do you?
recall (that)
I seem to recall I've met him before somewhere.
recall doing something
I don't recall seeing any cars parked outside.
recall what/how/where etc
I can't recall who gave me the information.
As I recall , it was you who suggested this idea in the first place.

to make someone remember something that they must do
Yes, I'll be there. Thanks for reminding me.
remind somebody about something
The girls constantly had to be reminded about their chores.
remind somebody to do something
Remind me to buy some milk tonight.
remind somebody (that)
Mrs Welland reminded her son that they still had several people to see.
that reminds me (=used when something has just made you remember something you were going to say or do)
Oh, that reminds me, I saw Jenny in town today.
remind yourself
I reminded myself to watch them closely.
He made a few notes to remind himself of what he wanted to say.

WORD CHOICE: remember, remind
You remember someone or something from a time in the past.
I remember playing there when I was little.
Hello, do you remember me?
You also remember information or things that you must do.
I can't remember what time he's arriving.
We must remember to close that window.
You remind someone about something when you tell them to remember it.
Remind me to call Kim tomorrow.
Thomas reminded us that Dad was still waiting.
If something or someone reminds you of a person or thing, they make you think of them because they are similar.
Being on the farm reminded me of my childhood.
She reminds me of my first girlfriend.
!! You can remind yourself of something, but you cannot remember yourself of something.
I reminded myself of my promise.
He remembered his promise (NOT He remembered him/himself (of) his promise).

My advice on Parts 5&6:
"Trust the force, Luke. Reach out with your feelings."
(From Star Wars)


The Beatles / All I've Got To Do


From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

every cloud has a silver lining:
used to say that there is something good even in a situation that seems very sad or difficult

borstal: a special prison for criminals who are not old enough to be in an ordinary prison
Sham 69 / Borstal Breakout




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TOEIC Blitz Radio presents:
Any Questions?
Date: May 17 (Saturday)
Time: 10:45 a.m.-11:45 a.m.
Topic: English


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Any Questions? Saturday 17th May 2008というタイトルのスレッドです。質問をお寄せください(日本語可)。

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