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Topic: English as an academic subject vs. English as a practical tool
Richards, J. C. (2003). Thirty years of TEFL/TESL: A personal reflection

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The song of the week:

The Beatles / We Can Work It Out


From Wikipedea

McCartney wrote the words and music to the verses and bridges, with lyrics that "might have been personal" and thus a reference to his relationship with Jane Asher.[3] McCartney then took the song to Lennon: "I took it to John to finish it off and we wrote the middle together."[3] According to Lennon, he "did the middle eight."[4]

With its intimations of mortality, Lennon's contribution to the twelve-bar bridge contrasts typically with what Lennon saw as McCartney's cajoling optimism.[1] As Lennon told Playboy in 1980, "You've got Paul writing, 'We can work it out / We can work it out'—real optimistic, y'know, and me, impatient: 'Life is very short, and there's no time / For fussing and fighting, my friend.'"[4] Based on those comments, some critics overemphasized McCartney's optimism, neglecting the toughness in passages written by McCartney,[1] such as "Do I have to keep on talking until I can't go on?". Lennon's middle shifts focus from McCartney's concrete reality to a philosophical perspective in B minor, illustrating this with a waltz-time section suggested by George Harrison that leads back to the verse,[3] possibly meant to suggest tiresome struggle.[1] Ian MacDonald said, "[Lennon's] passages are so suited to his Salvation Army harmonium that it's hard to imagine them not being composed on it. The swell-pedal crescendos he adds to the verses are, on the other hand, textural washes added in the studio, the first of their kind on a Beatles record and signposts to the enriched sound-palette of Revolver."[1] Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher described the song as "The Song That Defines The Beatles"

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