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The song of the week:

The Beatles / A Day In The Life


"A Day in the Life" is a song by the British rock band The Beatles, written by John Lennon with the middle eight by Paul McCartney, credited to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The song appears as the final track on their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The song includes portions originally authored independently by Lennon and McCartney, and two cacophonous, part-improvised, orchestral crescendos. Lennon was inspired by newspaper articles on the death of Tara Browne, and a civic plan to fill four thousand potholes in Blackburn. While recording the song, the Beatles were not certain how to fill the gap between Lennon's and McCartney's portions of the song. It was later decided that a partly-improvised crescendo by an orchestra would serve as the bridge.
The supposed drug reference in the line "I'd love to turn you on" resulted in the banning of the song by the BBC.

(From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Day_in_the_Life)

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First, put one chopstick between the lower parts of your thumb and your index finger. Your ring finger should be curved towards the palm of your hand and helping to support this chopstick.

Next, hold the second chopstick between your thumb, the tip of your index finger, and the upper left side of your middle finger. Holding this chopstick is similar to how you hold a pen, except with chopsticks your fingers should be much more relaxed.

Next, move the second chopstick—the one you are holding like a pen—up and down towards the other chopstick. Make sure the two chopstick ends come together at the same point—if one chopstick is sticking out too far, you won’t be able to pick up any food!

Finally, try picking something up.

The final step can be the most difficult for chopstick users without experience—especially if someone is really hungry! Using chopsticks properly takes lots of practice. But with enough practice, the new chopstick user will be picking up things as big as boiled eggs and as small as grains of rice.

(Unit 4)



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