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Studying English in Cebu #10
It was my last day at Brighture last Friday.

Every Friday, all the students give a short presentation in front of everyone, like this.




I did one myself as well.


We were free to chose any topic; some talked about their jobs, some talked about their majors at university, some talked about their hometowns, some talked about their recent trips. I talked about my scuba-diving experience in Mactan.

Some of the students were very good at giving a presentation even though their English is not so good. I was impressed.

Also it was good to see them talk in English. We had one-on-one lessons, except Social Conversation, and during a break we talked in Japanese, so we didn’t have a chance to hear other students speaking in English. In fact, we didn’t have a chance to do get together and do things together. So, the presentation session was the only event that brought everyone together, which was really nice. I really enjoyed it.

We stayed at the same hotel, had breakfast at the same restaurant, rode the same van to the school, and had classes on the same schedule. So I felt a strong sense of comradeship among us, but we didn’t have much time to get to know each other because we were too busy studying, which was a pity. If I stayed there longer, perhaps I would be able to know them better. There were 18 students studying there and they were all so interesting. One of the good things about studying abroad is meeting interesting people and you can certainly experience it at Brighture.

I studied 60 hours from Monday to Friday, 12 hours per day on average.




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