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What about using English?
I looked at Yujiro's blog last night.

It was in English.

I thought that was great.

So I'm thinking I should use English on my blog as well.

What do you think?

Do you want to read this blog in English or in Japanese?

Please let me know.

Thank you for voting!

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Thanks for mentioning my blog
Hi Kanzaki-san,

I think there are both advantages and disadvantages in Japanese teachers of English writing a blog in that language.

One obvious benefit is that visitors will be exposed to more English. Whatever you write will have at least some educational value in that sense.

Also, a Japanese teacher can be a role model for the students by writing in English. Personally I believe writing in English or at least attempting to do so can greatly boost the understanding and command of the language, but too often students are only asked to solve grammar questions. Against this tendency,
a good teacher should encourage his or her students to write as much English as possible as often as possible. One way to do so is show an example. Just as a good スシ職人 inspires a young boy to become a スシ職人, students may start to feel they also want to write in English if they see their teacher doing so.

On the other hand, one possible disadvantage is that a blog written in English may be less accessible for some people. They may give up and run away if everything is in a foreign language.

So I think it is important to strike a balance. Teacher bloggers should write in English -- but only occasionally. Also, they should try to make the language as simple as possible, using only controlled vocabulary. For this reason, this very comment that I'm writing is a really bad example. Sorry!
2008/04/15(Tue) 17:16:25 | URL | 常野 #SFo5/nok[ 編集]
cool idea
I want you to write your blog in English.
As 常野先生 says it inspires us to write Englsih.
No worries mate, We won't give up reading and run away from English.
2008/04/15(Tue) 22:24:40 | URL | birdmen バードメン #-[ 編集]

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