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I read the news today, oh boy

About a financial crisis around the world

And though the news was rather sad

Well, I had to think about my blog

I saw quite a few expressions about falling in the news

I'd love to turn your attention to them

From BBC News

World stock markets have plunged after government bank bail-outs in the US and Europe failed to stem fears of slower global economic growth.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones fell 370 points, ending below 10,000 for the first time since 2004.

UK and French indexes also suffered big falls.

In New York, the Dow fell 369.88 points, or 3.58%, to end at 9,955.50.

At one point the blue-chip index had been down more than 800 points.

The Nikkei's fall on Tuesday followed its 4.3% drop on Monday, which saw it close at its lowest since February 2004.

In London, the FTSE 100 index ended down 391.1 points, or 7.85%, at 4,589.2 - having lost 8.5% at one point.

Germany's Dax index lost 7.39%, while France's Cac-40 index dropped 9.04% - its biggest one-day fall since the index was created in 1988.

Trading on key stock markets in Brazil and Russia was temporarily suspended after share prices plummeted by 10% and 15% respectively.

Russia's RTS index ended 19.1% down.

The prospect of a slowdown denting energy demand saw oil prices fall further, dipping under $90 a barrel.

In London Brent crude dropped $6.57 to $83.68 a barrel, while US light, sweet crude fell $6.07 to $87.81 a barrel.

From FT.com

Stock prices collapsed around the world on Monday amid growing fears that the credit crisis would trigger a global recession.

The FTSE Eurofirst 300 index had its third worst day ever, plunging 7.75 per cent, as France’s CAC 40 slumped 9 per cent, its second worst day on record.

In London, the FTSE 100 suffered its biggest one-day points loss.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 3.6 per cent at 9,955.50 after falling as much as 7.75 per cent, to 9,525.32, during the day.

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index slumped 11 per cent, its largest daily decline since 1987.

Trading was temporarily stopped in some major emerging economies, including Russia, where the market fell by just over 19 per cent, and Brazil, where stocks fell as much as 15 per cent before closing 5.4 per cent lower.

Earlier, Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 index plunged 4.3 per cent to a 4½-year low.

Jakarta suffered a 10 per cent drop.

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"Yet, this seems to be more similar to Western food than eel and sushi. Wouldn't you say so?"

"I would. In fact, tonkatsu is sometimes considered to be a type of yoshoku."

(Unit 14)


テーマ:TOEIC - ジャンル:学校・教育

A Day In The Life
"I'd love to turn you on."―――この意味を小学校の時に、隣の教会のアメリカ人牧師に訊いちゃいまして、血相変えて「とても悪い言葉です」と言われたものです。
2008/10/08(Wed) 01:46:25 | URL | Screaming Bunny #/WbnL7mg[ 編集]
>Screaming Bunnyさん

A Day In The Lifeの歌詞に気が付いていただけてうれしいです。
この曲は私のネットラジオの番組で先週、the song of the weekにしていました。


A Day In The Lifeも曲名を見て「あれ、どれだっけ?」と思い、YouTubeでチャックしました。
ありがとうございます。(You Never Give Me Your Moneyもきれいな曲ですね。)

I'd love to turn you on は、I'd love to make you sexually excitedという意味のほかにI'd love to get you stoned (with drug)という解釈が可能で、後者のためにこの曲が放送禁止になったということをWikipediaで読みました。どちらの意味でも牧師さんは好みませんよね(笑)。
2008/10/08(Wed) 07:43:41 | URL | 神崎正哉 #-[ 編集]
ラジオをDLしまして、数日前からちょっとずつ聴いていたのです。そして今日'A Day In The Life'の箇所に辿りつき、まさに私の名前があがっているのを聞いて、びっくりして照れ笑いしてしまいました。
お礼に後ほど、この曲の、マニアの間では有名な「ポールの"Oh, shit!"バージョン」を送りますね。
2008/10/11(Sat) 22:00:41 | URL | Screaming Bunny #/WbnL7mg[ 編集]

「ポールの"Oh, shit!"バージョン」、ありがとうございました。

2008/10/12(Sun) 11:45:27 | URL | 神崎正哉 #-[ 編集]

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