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The Crossroad Country

A play about Afghanistan

June 16th (Tue) 13:30 (Students only)
June 16th (Tue) 19:30
June 17th (Wed) 13:30
June 17th (Wed) 19:00

At Space Zero Shinjuku


The Crossroad Country

Commissioned by the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Japan; the play follows the historical events of Afghanistan from the 1970s to 2002. Combining actual events, innovative staging, thousands of quotes and over one hundred historical characters; the Crossroad’s Country looks at the geopolitical events that led up the creation of the Taliban and the events surrounding 9/11

“I had grown to love this harsh but beautiful country and felt personally betrayed at witnessing how we abandoned Afghanistan…”
Christina Lamb. London Times Oct 12th 2008

“The whole case of the Taliban stands yet again as an example of the difficulties of realizing a utopian vision amongst the complexities of the real World”
William Maley Fundamentalism Reborn? 2006

“At stake in Afghanistan is not just… the Afghan people yearning for stability, development and education, but also the entire global alliance that is trying to keep Afghanistan together.”
Ahmed Rashid. Descent into Chaos, Viking 2008

“With the help of the international community Afghanistan is emerging from the shadows of the last twenty years.”
President Hamid Karzai 2004

“…That’s why it’s so integral and paramount that the world must remain engaged.”
Ambassador Haron Amin 2002

“The history of Afghanistan is the history of the last thirty years. It is the fall of communism, the rise of fundamentalism and the birth of global terrorism, and there has never been a more important time to understand the mistakes of history than now.
“And yet it is more than just history. It is lives, and with them stories. Stories of inspiration and terror, stories of bitter sadness and warm laughter. Of courage against all odds, of family, heroics and hope. And a play should never try to be anything other than a story.
“What we plan to do with this project is shed some light on how we got here and who brought us. And by that I mean the world; not just Afghanistan.
“For those who are aware of Afghanistan only in the light of 9/11, or the Soviet Invasion of the 1980’s, this should be an open door to a world of rich intrigue and interesting history, and for students of that history this should sum up a lot of disparate information and hopefully share some new nuggets as well.
“We’re very excited to have such an opportunity and such unparalleled access and we’re confident that what we’re seeing here is the birth of something original, historic and unique.”
Alexander Harris 2008

From http://crossroadscountry.com/pages/?page_id=2

A friend of mine will appear in this play so I’m going to see it on June 17th.

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