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Quick write 1
I just want to practice writing.
Quick write 1: Korean Barbecue

I went to a Korean barbecue restaurant this evening with Aya, a colleague of mine. It wasn’t an authentic Korean barbecue restaurant. It was a Japanese-style Korean barbecue restaurant. I like both authentic Korean barbecue and Japanese-style Korean barbecue, though I don’t go to Korean barbecue restaurants very often because I prefer fish to me. Even so, sometimes I feel like eating meat and when I go to a Korean barbecue restaurant, I enjoy eating meet. So maybe I like meat. Or I need meat sometimes. Tonight, we had a different kind of meet, such as pork belly, different type of beef, beef liver and some parts of guts that I don’t know exactly what. I know eating a lot of meat is not healthy but having Korean barbecue once or twice a month is okay, I think. And we had beer and a Makkori cocktail (a mixture of beer and Makkori), so I was a little drunk and feeling good. And we talked. I don’t remember what we talked. We must have talked about TOEIC because we took a TOEIC IP test together before going to the restaurant. We also talked about English education and we agreed that we should make an effort to improve our English. I always tell my students to practice English steadily but I don’t do much practice myself. I’m too lazy, which is not good. So, I felt I had to do something to improve my English, like writing practice. But the problem is that writing practice takes time; if I write a proper essay, it will take ages, and I’m too busy for that. But I can do quick write, which is a writing activity in which you write as much as you can with in a time limit, usually five to ten minutes, without worrying about structure or mistakes. So we decided to do quick write together, like choose a topic and do quick write and upload what we wrote to our blogs. Our first topic was Korean barbecue because we went to a Korean barbecue restaurant tonight. So this piece is supposed to be my first quick write but I forgot to time myself. It was supposed be a 10-minute quick write but it’s been nearly an hour since I started, I think. And I’m typing this with MS-Word and it corrects my spelling mistakes automatically. So, this is not a real quick write. Sorry, Aya. I’ll do it properly next time.



Our project has successfully launched.
I enjoyed the piece, Masaya. It's good and honest. But I have to say it was so lame that you forgot to time your writing!! Do it properly next time, OK? ;-)

2011/05/28(Sat) 01:48:26 | URL | Aya #V0Zz7F9Q[ 編集]
Your esseay is an incentive to work harder.
Writing someting in English is fun.
I contribute to my opinion to the Japan Times Weekly every week. Of course, sometimes some writings are on the paper, although the editiors corrected some parts in terms of grammer and sentence sturucture. Such correction is essential for English learners like me, who studty themselves. Moreover, we don't have to pay for it, so It's an economical way.
Anyway, I enjoyed reading yours and I want to continue to write more.
2011/05/28(Sat) 08:17:34 | URL | あかつき ちか #-[ 編集]
2011/05/28(Sat) 08:41:53 | URL | Satoshi #-[ 編集]
Thanks, Aya. Yes, I'll do it properly next time. So, when shall we do our next qucick write? Can we do tomorrow after TOEIC? And we can write about TOEIC. Just a thought.


Thank you for your encouraging comment.
That is great that you contribute to the Japan Times Weekly. It is a very good writing practice.
I'm glad to hear you want to continue to write. Please keep doing it. It's good for English.


また、上の英文はQuick Writeの練習でして、表現、文法、語彙がおかしくても気にしないで書くというのが重要なポイントとなります。時間をかけて推敲を重ねる普通のエッセイを「精読的アプローチのライティング」としますと、Quick Writeは時間内に変な英文でいいので、とにかくたくさん書くという「多読的アプローチのライティング」です。以下、Qucik Writeのガイドラインです。

Don't think, write.
Write everything about what you want to say.
Don't worry about grammar, or spelling.
Just think about everything you want to say and say it.
This is sometimes called "writing down the bones."
It's simple, it's pure, it's exhausting, it's exhilirating.
And when you're done you may have an unholy mess.
Don't worry about it.

ライティングというと、とかく敷居が高いような気がします。英語学習者の中に完璧な英文を書かなくてはいけない、難しい語彙や言い回しまたは複雑文法を使わなければいけないと考えて、ライティングに手がつけられないという人が多くいるような印象を持っています。私のQucik Writeはライティングの練習に対する敷居を下げる試みでもあります。お付き合いいただければ幸いです。よろしくお願いいたします。
2011/05/28(Sat) 11:04:53 | URL | Masaya #jo06q36w[ 編集]
"Just Do it" 自分もブログで Quick Wrtingに挑戦してみたいと思います。
2011/05/28(Sat) 11:13:20 | URL | Satoshi #-[ 編集]

神崎先生を通してFDJさんを知り、あのレベルまで行くまでどれだけの時間を読んだり書いたりに費やしたのだろうかと感心したり、ラジオも今回のQuick writing もいつも新しい事を模索し、行動している数少ない講師であり著者であると思います。




2011/05/28(Sat) 13:12:31 | URL | M #-[ 編集]
I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed your piece. I also enjoyed writing one myself.
Thank you for starting this and inviting me to join.
You said in your post that you are too lazy in your own study.
I am too, and this gave me a good reason to move ahead.

Thanks again.
2011/05/29(Sun) 00:12:25 | URL | てんま #hWhi7S1g[ 編集]

Quick write、 ぜひブログで挑戦してみてください!









Thank you for you comment. That was very encouraging. So, let's continue our QW practice. I also enjoy writing and reading yours and Aya's.

2011/05/30(Mon) 00:29:24 | URL | Masaya #jo06q36w[ 編集]
Quick Write私もやってみます!


Quick Writeとても良い発想ですね!それも、人に晒したくないようなQuick Writeを晒して、身をもって「間違えたっていい」を実践される姿勢はとても素敵だなと思いました。


2011/06/27(Mon) 21:16:43 | URL | かおり #-[ 編集]

Quick Write、気に入っていただけたようで、うれしいです。

2011/06/27(Mon) 22:53:02 | URL | 神崎正哉 #jo06q36w[ 編集]

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