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Quick write 3

I’ve been doing quick-write practice with Aya and Hide.

Quick write 3: Using a real name on the Internet

I use my real name on my blog but there are a lot of bloggers out there who do not use their real names. I understand why. If you use your real name, those who know you in real life may find you on the Internet and that thought will limit what you write on your blog. If you use a false name, you can write whatever you like without worrying about being spotted by your real-life friends. So, that is the main advantage of using a false name. One the other hand, if you hide your identity by using a false name, it can be difficult to attract readers depending how well you write. For example, most of my blog readers, I suppose, visit my blog because I run it. If I used a false name, such as Masayan, and wrote blog articles like this, no one would read them because my blog is boring. Only those talented bloggers like masamasa can attract large audiences without revealing their identities. But then most English-learning bloggers are not interested in increasing their readership. They run blogs to motivate themselves and it does not matter for them how many people visit their blogs. So there is no point in revealing their names. I started this blog because I wanted to promote my books and myself, therefore it was essential that I use my real name. However, now I know that blogging is not an effective way to
(245 words 20 minutes)

(I continuted after the time was up.)
promote anything, at least the way I use my blog is not working as a promotional tool. Perhaps there are some better ways to use blogs for that purpose. Perhaps it would be better if I used a false name and hide my identity. For example, I could be a 19 year-old female student, called Patricia, studying English at university, and I could write about how I study for the TOEIC, what books I use, what books are useful and so on. In this way I can promote my books more effectively, I think.



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> if you hide your identity by using a false name, it can be difficult to attract readers depending how well you write.

That's why I truly adore those bloggers who attract readers without revealing their identity.
2011/06/01(Wed) 22:48:19 | URL | Aya #V0Zz7F9Q[ 編集]
Itoi Shigesato said he wanted everyone on twitter to use their real name. He was annoyed at criticism from anonymous followers.
2011/06/01(Wed) 23:04:54 | URL | Ted #-[ 編集]
I took the TOEIC last Sunday. I have had a basic question regarding Part 1.
Some items are being displayed for sale. This is a correct answer, isn't it? In this situation, is a person who is displaying items necessary for this picture? Also, some items are displayed for sale. Is this correct, too? What's the difference between the two?
I've checked English grammar in use but this question is not clear.
Thanks in advance.
2011/06/02(Thu) 08:24:13 | URL | あかつき ちか #-[ 編集]

Yes, they are great, aren't they? So, who is your favourite blogger? My favourite blogs are 肉欲企画。 and Numeri.

Speaking of anonymity, you partically hide your identity, don't you.


Thank you for your comment. So, Itoi Shigesato doesn't like anonymous comments. I think he shouldn't be annoyed by them. Or else he can't enjoy interaction on the Internet. Anonymity is an important part of the Internet culture, I think. People want to say things that cannot be said when other people know who they are.


Thank you for your questions.

Yes, "Some items are being displayed for sale" is correct.

It is not necessary to have a person in the picture because "display" is not an action, but it is a state.

"Some items are displayed for sale" is also corerct. In fact, this is more common that "being displayed". I googled them

"are displayed" 32,600,000 hits,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c2596e5a7574af32&biw=1899&bih=825

"are being displayed" 24,400,000 hits,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c2596e5a7574af32&biw=1899&bih=825

So, both are fairly common.

You asked me about the difference between the two.
Well, I don't know for sure, but "are being displayed" sounds like momentary, like only for now, while "are displayed" sounds like more permanent.
That's the impression I get but I'm not a native speaker so I can't be wrong.

Anyway thank you for the interesting questions. They made me think.

2011/06/02(Thu) 21:05:58 | URL | Masaya #jo06q36w[ 編集]
Comapare these two situations.

1. I went to Sumitomo bank today and noticed that some of the new mobile phones from Softbank were being displayed in front of the bank. Looked like they set up a booth today in order to promote the new models.

2. Hey, do you know there is a Softbank shop next to Mizuho bank? All the models are displayed there. Check them out!
2011/06/03(Fri) 04:51:18 | URL | Between Haburashi #-[ 編集]
Nice to meet you.
This is the first comment, but I have often read your blog with delight. Your casual way of cheering us up is very wonderful, even thought you have high-level English writing skills. It touched me how much you cared for every English learner. I felt encouraged by your new try. Thank you so much...I just wanted to say thanks delatedly.
2011/06/03(Fri) 15:38:28 | URL | Kikka #pjM6Dzec[ 編集]
Dear Between Haburashi,

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your input.
So, "being displayed" is used when you are talking about a prticular point in time (e.g. when I went to Sumitomo bank) while "are displayed" is used when you are thinking about longer duration? That is my understanding and it makes perfect sense to me. Thank you

Dear Kikka,

Thank you for your encouraging comment.
I'm glad to know that you enjoy my blog.
I teach English but I'm an English learner too. I always feel I have to make an effort to improve my English, and this new QW project is my attempt to practice writing. I would be very happy if it encouraged you to do writign practice.
Good luck with your study.

2011/06/05(Sun) 09:57:07 | URL | Masaya #jo06q36w[ 編集]

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